DOUBLE CAST!  This show has two different casts of Pevensie kids:  Lamppost & Wardrobe.  If you are hoping to see a certain actor, make sure you purchase tickets to the appropriate shows.  See the Cast List below for details.

LAMPPOST CAST: Neva Nycz, Alakai Zinsman, Jay Clark, Lauren Fenwick
LAMPPOST CAST:  Thurs, Feb 22 @ 7:00pm;   Sat, Feb 24 @ 2:00pm;   Sat, Feb 24 @ 7:00pm 

WARDROBE CAST: Madi Rigsby, Eliot Mort, Elliot Sage, Piper Mort
WARDROBE CAST:  Fri school show, Feb 23;  Fri, Feb 23 @ 7:00pm;   Sun, Feb 25 @ 2:00pm


NARNIA: The Musical is a dramatization of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the first and most famous of acclaimed British author C.S. Lewis’s world-renowned  series, The Chronicles of Narnia.   

It tells of four English schoolchildren – brothers and sisters – sent away from London during World War II to stay in the manor house of their uncle – who stumble upon (and through) a wardrobe into the magical kingdom of Narnia, held in the power of the White Witch, whose evil spell has frozen the land, so that it is “always winter – and never Christmas.” They are embraced by the talking animals, the good Narnians who resist the Witch’s evil and await the return of Aslan – the Great Lion, who is their rightful ruler. Aslan, who has long been absent from his land (so that some have even doubted his existence) has – at last! – returned, to confront the Witch, and the children are soon caught up in a fierce struggle of good versus evil. 

In this spellbound landscape, filled with creatures of myth and fable, the children face temptation and fear, but learn deep lessons of courage, unselfishness, and wisdom that help them grow in spirit and prepare them for life in our world. 

Narnia wants to sing, and from the excitement of the opening number “Doors and Windows”, to the the poetry of “Narnia (You Can’t Imagine),” to the stirring “To Make the World Right Again,” your spirits will soar with all those in this enchanted land.

Dates / Times:

  • Thursday, Feb 22nd @ 7:00pm
  • Friday, Feb 23rd @ 7:00pm
  • Saturday, Feb 24th @ 2:00pm
  • Saturday, Feb 24th @ 7:00pm
  • Sunday, Feb 25th @ 2:00pm
 Purchase Tickets

Ticket Prices:

(+ $1.25/ticket service fee) ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Tickets go on sale Jan 20th

The Village Theatre:

233 Front Street, Danville, CA 94526

Show Notes:

Rehearsals:  @ Cornerstone Fellowship (next to Costco), Livermore
Actors are called for a specific block of time within the rehearsal window based on their role and the scheduled work.  An 'All-Company Break' is included in every rehearsal 

  • Dec 8th-Feb 16th 
    • Fridays 4-8pm. 
    • Saturdays 8:30am-1:30pm. 
    • No Rehearsal DEC 22-23rd 
  • 2 Parent Meetings (Mandatory):  At least one parent is required to attend
    •  Dec 9th 11:30-1:30 (New parent orientation; then add returning parents) 
    • Jan 27th 12-1:30
  • Tech Week @ The Village Theater in Danville
  • Load in Saturday Feb 17th 9am-5pm
  • ACTORS needed Feb 18th 12pm-6pm
  • Tech days including ACTORS- Feb 19-21st 4-9pm
  • 6 PERFORMANCES:  @ The Village Theater in Danville
    • Thursday Feb 22nd @ 7pm
    • Friday School Show Feb 23 @ 10:30am
    • Friday Feb 23 @ 7pm
    • Saturday Feb 24 @ 2pm & 7pm
    • Sunday Feb 25 @ 2 pm
Little Women
  • Dec 9th-Feb 24th
    • Fridays 4-8pm. 
    • Saturdays 8:30am-1:30pm.
    • No Rehearsal DEC 22-23rd 
  • 2 Parent Meetings (Mandatory):  At least one parent is required to attend
    •  Dec 9th 11:30-1:30 (New parent orientation; then add returning parents) 
    • Jan 27th 12-1:30
  • Tech Week @ The Village Theater in Danville
  • Load in Sunday, for CREW- NO ACTORS- Feb 25th 4pm-9pm
  • Tech days including ACTORS- Feb 26th-28th 4-9pm
  • 6 PERFORMANCES:  @ The Village Theater in Danville
  •            Thursday,Feb 29th @7pm
    • Friday School Show March 1st @ 10:30am
    • Friday March 1st @ 7pm
    • Saturday March 2nd @ 2pm & 7pm
    • Sunday March 3rd @ 2 pm

  • Cast members may not be called to every rehearsal, or the entirety of each rehearsal.
  • Cast must attend all tech rehearsals and performances - no exceptions.
  • Conflict Calendar:  Students must submit ALL known rehearsal conflicts prior to auditions
    • Each auditioning student's planned limits or absences will be considered during casting.  Similarly, any absences not listed, due to illness, emergency, or any other reason, may result in dismissal from a dance, scene, role, or the show. This is not a punishment; it is the nature of the pace of our rehearsal schedule and the importance we place on actors' assignments.  
  • Parent Committees will all work together collaborating on both shows but if you happen to be on a committee during a tech week & show week, you only have to work 1 show of your choice, even if your actors are in 2 different shows.  



  • Lauren Fenwick
  • Piper Mort


  • Elliot Sage
  • Jay Clark


  • Madison Rigsby
  • Neva Nycz


  • Alakai Zinsman
  • Eliot Mort


  • Chad Clark

Mrs. Macready

  • Emily Hammond

White Witch

  • Honour King

Father Christmas

  • Joshua Lee


  • Noah Rogers

Mr. Beaver

  • Levi Hammond

Mrs. Beaver

  • Abigail Baird


  • Christopher Wong

Fenris Ulf

  • Grace Mancini


  • Daphne Alvarez

White Stag

  • Tessa Putney


  • Zoe Szyrko


  • Isabela Bernal


  • Audrey Ding


  • Charlotte Buros
  • Parker Richardson


  • Tabitha Castle


  • Nainika Karthik


  • Faith Rogers


  • Keira Keegan


  • Bailey Pritchett


  • Tadhg Baird

Ryweth (Wolf)

  • Eliana VandenHeuvel


  • Natalie Hammond


  • Amaris Clark
  • Arden Tan
  • Benjamin Tarwasokono
  • Dakota Tan
  • Francine Putney
  • Gianna Williams
  • Hazel Gillette
  • Izzy Mancini
  • Joseph Lee
  • Kaitlyn Argueta
  • Kelilah Pape
  • Tenaya Mort
  • Thaddeus Zinsman
  • Wemberly Bowen