Your Show Box
Each cast member is required to have a show box. The show box contains everything necessary for them to participate in the production. It provides a convenient, portable way to keep all your student’s belongings together in one place.
  • Your student will be required to bring their completed show box to the 2nd Parent Meeting of the Session to be checked.
  • Your student’s show box will need to be at each performance beginning on the first day of Tech Rehearsal
Show Box Requirements
  • A plastic, stackable storage bin with the student’s name clearly on the top and side. The preferred kind is see-through with an attached flip-top lid. (See an example or order one here:
  • Every item in the box, large or small, MUST be marked with your student’s name using a fine-point black Sharpie pen.
  • Many students use smaller bins, pouches or bags to organize items inside their show box. This cuts down on the chaos.

Show Box Contents
These items are required for all cast members:
  • Ben Nye Makeup Kit ($20-$25)
  • Make-up Sponges – natural are best, latex free
  • Assorted makeup brushes
  • 1 Package of Q-tips
  • Makeup remover wipes
  • Facial Moisturizer
  • Box of Tissues
  • Eye pencil sharpener (small size)
  • Men’s long sleeve dress shirt with buttons, large size to wear while applying makeup
  • Small facial mirror with stand
  • Wet wipes for hand cleaning
  • Comb, hairbrush, & hairband to hold hair back while applying makeup
  • Deodorant Absolutely Required
  • Tank top (one white and one black with wide straps)
  • Shorts to be worn under costume
  • Show shoes and socks (color and style to be designated by the Costumer)
  • Quiet games, books, coloring/drawing items, etc. No electronic devices.
  • Old dish towel in case of spills
  • Safety pins and rubber bands
Additional Items for Female Cast:
  • Hair spray
  • Assortment of hair pins, hair bands to match hair color
  • Mascara
Additional Items for Male Cast:
  • Heavy hold hair gel

Congratulatory Ads

We sell Congratulatory ad space for $5.00 each. These are short congratulation notes to your student. They are 80 characters or less. The cast loves reading these heart-felt messages of encouragement. Many families invite grandparents and family friends to buy Congratulatory Ads as well so that their student has more than one message cheering them on.
Please email your 80 character ad to the Area Coordinator.
Ad content and payment is due by the Monday that Tech rehearsals begin (see show manual for the current show due date.)